The Finnish Climate Change Panel – bringing science and decision-making together

The Finnish Climate Change Panel is an independent, interdisciplinary think tank of top-level Finnish scholars that promotes the dialogue between science and policy-making. The Panel provides scientific advice for policy-making and reinforces interdisciplinary insight in the operation of different sectors. The Panel also serves as an advisor to the Finnish ministerial working group on energy and climate policy. The Panel is tasked with assessing the coherence of climate policy and the sufficiency of the implemented measures to answer the challenges of climate change. The Panel gives its opinion on climate policy plans.

The work of the Panel is based on the Climate Change Act. The first Panel was established in 2012. The current Panel was appointed on December 19th, 2019 for the next four-year term based on recommendations from research and higher-level educational institutions. The Panel’s members represent different branches of science from educational sciences to atmospheric sciences. The current Panel consists of 15 top-level specialists chaired by Markku Ollikainen, Professor of Environmental and Resources Economics at the University of Helsinki.

The Panel can receive assignments from different Ministries and Ministerial working groups. Using scientifically selected conventions, the Panel produces reports to support the preparation and implementation of climate policy and legislation in Finland.

To date, the Panel has produced several reports and analyses on climate change mitigation, climate adaptation and the key themes and challenges involved in these pursuits. The aim is to enable the planning and construction of sustainable future in Finland.